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Taxis and Private Hire Insurance

Taxi Insurance / Public hire insurance

Taxis are all licenced by local government which is normally the town or city council in the area where the driver (taxi driver) has taken a knowledge test. London Knowledge test being the best known one  across the World. But this dose not mean that the test in other towns and city’s in the UK  are not difficult just different roads and local land marks to  learn and remember.

Private Hire Insurance / Hire and reward

Wedding Car Hire

Wedding Cars skip the law. But not limousines. WHY?

Taxi and private hire operators require to be licenced and insured by law in the UK. Make sure they are legal.


Classic cars that are used for weddings do have to have the correct insurance to Carry fare paying passengers but if they are over a certain age the are under a different scheme of licence.

Limos and airport transfer limo services are deemed to be private hire so need to be licenced to meet the requirements of the law. But there are are a lot that work illegally.